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New York City Grapple Den Wrestling Party

The Grapple Den Wrestling Party: Blacklight Edition
with Predator vs Krampus!

December 6, 2019
8 pm - 12 midnight

Midtown, Manhattan, NYC

UV-reactive wrestling action in Midtown Manhattan!
Behold, the return of our traditional Blacklight Grapple Den Wrestling Party in New York City!

Neon Glow and Ambient Snow in this winter wrestle wonderland.......

Added 12/1/19: The Party is THIS Friday! Here are last-minute notes

All genders welcome!


- Beginner Intro lesson (Wrestling and Glo-Rope Wrestling)
- Main mat, semi-private mat, private mat
- Challenger matches, The Royal Rumble, Open Play
- Spontaneous interludes by the always-thematically-inspired party staff!

And while the GENERAL party theme is Blacklight Wrestling,
we also have a our customary "vs" theme for those who would like to partake:

Predator vs Krampus!

** View more info on our party Theme here **

Grapple Den is...

- A participant-driven event where people can meet and grapple on the wrestling mat "dance floor."
- An evening spectacle of costumed matches and thematic antics.
- A chance to throw down under the party lights and surrounded by the musical sound-scape.
.......... or a chance to simply recline and watch the action unfold.

Grapple Den is a neutral meeting ground for fun-seeking grapplers and wrestling fans of all shapes and sizes. Our parties are open to people of all genders and experience levels, 18 years and older. The mats are the dance floor, and opportunities pop up through the evening for different "styles" of dance, including one-on-one matches in front of the crowd, a Tag-In Royal Rumble battle, and multi-match Open Play.

What's this all about? Here's some general party info

Schedule of Things
Rough estimates! Wrestle-logistics are often unstable

8 pmDoors Open!
8:30 pmBeginner Intro Wrestle Lesson
9:15-ish pmParticipant Matches Officially Begin
10:30-ish pmRoyal Rumble (aka Wrestle Marathon)
After ThatOpen Play

Participant matches take place throughout the evening, using the party's "dance floor" mat spaces.

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The Grapple Den Wrestling Party, New York City. 2007-2011. and 2019.