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Last-Minute Notes

Our wild backlight underground Grapple Den wrestling party is coming up THIS Friday, December 6 in Manhattan! Here are some last-minute notes are reminders:

1. The party is BYOB. No drinks will be sold at the venue, but we will have a refrigerator for you to keep your own drinks cool and waiting for you. Water will be available.

2. Online advance tickets are now $12 (no additional fees). Admission at the door is $15. Online tickets are available here: Grapple Den @ Eventbrite

3. The main area of the party venue is a "no shoe" space, due to all of the mats. This means that after you come up to the 14th floor, come down the hall, and enter inside the blacklight realm, you will need to remove your shoes. Seating will be provided for that.

4. You will need to put shoes on, though (or sandals, flip flops, etc) for going into the restroom.

5. VeVe's Beginner Intro Lesson for Wrestling & Bondage Wrestling will start at 8:30 pm. The bulk of her lesson will be determined by participants' desires. Ex: if more people want bondage wrestling, she will focus on that; if more want non-bondage, she will focus on that.

6. Neon and white attire are recommended for blacklight reactivity (meaning, these things will actually glow under the lights). Skin or dark colors will likely not react to the light. *Some* rare neons and colors will not glow, FYI. We will have a "glow station" available for people who need to add some more glowiness to their wrestle gear.

7. Predator vs Krampus -- Have you picked a team? Predator: Jungle, alien, hunter, SciFi, fishnets, high-tech. Krampus: horns, chains, hooves, devil, a basket for carrying naughty children off to hell. Et Cetera!

8. 3 Mat areas: Main Mat (public, large), auxiliary mat (small), private mat (small).

9. After the Intro Lesson, we have Challenger Matches, where participants can face off in 1 on 1 matches, where they get the full Main Mat for their matches. In front of the crowd, using the large mat space all of your match. Can be wrestling, pin, submission, bondage wrestling, novelty matches. Can be competitive, semi-comp, playful, fantasy, role play, etc. The Match Makers will circulate the room and slot you in for time on the Main Mat.

10. Royal Rumble starts around 10:30 pm (may start a little later, if there is still a long queue for Challenger Matches). All mats join together to make the largest possible space. Starts with the Tag-in Tag-out game and then turns into multi-way. Recommended for experienced players only. It's a long haul!

11. Open Play after Royal Rumble, meaning all mats join together and everyone can grab a space and wrestle-play wherever.

12. At midnight, we will declare a winner: Team Predator or Team Krampus, based on whoever best exhibited their respective aspects.

13. *** No photography is permitted in the party venue by anyone other than the staff photographers. Staff photographers will NOT photograph any patrons without their permission.

14. If you need any other info, just let me know.

Thanks all!

Grapple Den NYC Blacklight Wrestling Party
December 6
8 pm - 12 midnight
Midtown, Manhattan

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