New York City Grapple Den Wrestling Party

Originally a stand-alone wrestling party that was born in 2007. Now, as of 2023, Grapple Den NYC has morphed into a hub of underground wrestling adventures in the local New York City metro area.


+ A training ground and wrestle/grapple educational opportunities
+ Support for local wrestling party endeavors
+ A traveling Wrestle Corner troupe for nightlife activities
+ And more!?

On FetLife: @GrappleDenNYC

"Fight club meets night club." Grapple Den NYC is a meeting ground for fun-seeking grapplers and wrestling fans of all shapes and sizes, all genders and experience levels, 18 years and older. Casual grapplers, underground wrestlers, struggle players, session wrestlers, pros, amateurs, and the wrestle-curious.

Wrap your limbs around an opponent, test your grapple skills in friendly competition, or simply sit back and watch the action unfold. Welcome to Grapple Den.

The Grapple Den Wrestling Party, New York City. 2007-2011. and 2019-2023