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New York City Grapple Den Wrestling Party

Our overall theme for the December 6 party is: Blacklight Wrestling!

All blacklight, and lots of blacklight. Glowy, neon colors, radiant white. Even though it's December, the party venue is nice and warm, so UV-reactive body paint is cool too.

A lot of white (ex: clothing, teeth, etc) reacts to blacklight, as far as we can tell. But Glowing neon colors really make a statement. But WARNING: we have found that NOT ALL neon attire will react to blacklight. If you're not sure whether your planned neon will react, you may want to test it beforehand (or just leave it to chance).

We also hear there is glow-snow in the forecast, as per tradition. So be ready for a wintery wonderland on the mats.

For additional inspiration, we also have the customary "vs" theme!

Predator vs Krampus

Let this "vs" theme inspire your attire choices and any possible scenarios / schtick.
Naughty vs Nice? Hunter vs hunted? Sci-Fi vs Folklore?

Elite extraterrestrial big-game hunter, The Predator!
Yule-tide demon who gives naughty children their unhappy comeuppance, Krampus!

Predator Info

Attire Possibilities:
Cyber dreads
Face mask (or paint)
Sci Fi gear

Military commando

Predator (fictional species)(wikipedia)

Yautja (Predator) via Xenopedia

Predator (character) via comicvine

Krampus Info

Attire Possibilities:
Chains (manacles)
Big Tongue
Sack (to stow the naughty children)

Naughty Children

9 Facts About Krampus, St. Nick's Demonic Companion

Who is Krampus? Explaining the horrific Christmas beast

Santa’s Horned Helper: The Fearsome Legend of Krampus, Christmas Punisher

And at the end of the night, we will declare a winner from whichever side was represented best and/or most!

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